Government, Private Industry & Organizations

The Cyber Studies Consortium helps meet unique training needs of Government, Private Industry & Organizations.

Customized and Recurrent Training

We recognize that the security needs of no two businesses or organizations are alike.

Whether you're a major corporation wanting to train IT personnel to fight off network incursions by global criminal networks or hostile state actors, a medical center looking to keep patient records safe from ransomware, or an organization hoping to teach complacent staff to avoid the dark alleys of the Internet, our Cyber Studies Consortium experts build custom information security solutions for Consortium participants, often performing on-site consultations to assess complex operational requirements.


We offer training in a variety of formats

   Quick online training and in-person boot camps

The Consortium offers customized training in formats that range from a quick one- or two-hour online awareness training session for employees and executives as well as in-depth, half-day, in-person boot camps.

   16 weeks up to a year multi-level training

For participants with more sophisticated security needs, we provide professional-level courses for your organization that run from 16 weeks up to a year with graduate-level training designed for IT professionals.

Keeping pace with a rapidly evolving industry

Keeping Pace

With information security threats continuously evolving and becoming more
sophisticated, our network of experts constantly innovate and update our training to keep up.

What sets us apart...

The Cyber FoundationsTM Approach

Human error = 90% breaches

While most cyber training and education focuses on hard skills, both IBM and Verizon studies show that merely 6-7% of cybersecurity breaches were through attacks on hardware or networks, with most breaches—an astounding 90%—resulting from people-centered error.

Hard skills + soft skills

Cyber Foundations covers 'hard' skills such as computer hardware and systems and applications software, but what truly distinguishes our approach is incorporating the 'soft' skills that consider human behavior.

We've got people covered

From teaching IT 'geeks' how to communicate with corporate staff to providing students with a solid understanding of what makes a cyberterrorist tick, we've got people covered.


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