Cyber Studies Consortium

A not-for-profit alliance creating and providing Consortium participants with intelligence-based, customizable training and education developed
by our national network of contributing experts who are current practitioners or operators in the field.

Our Mission: A New Model in Information Security

To battle the ever-increasing cybersecurity threat, we foster and support a collaboration drawing from:

  • former and current defense and intelligence officials
  • active military personnel
  • government agencies
  • private industry leaders
  • business owners
  • employment specialists
  • academic subject matter experts

Consortium participants can tap our collective expertise for training and education as well as freely access resources such as cyber threat news, and papers and articles from industry experts and scholars.

Cyber Studies Consortium Resources


Our Strategy: Proprietary Two-pronged Approach

   Hard Skills + Soft Skills

Whether developing new training or enhancing existing curriculum, one key element runs through all our initiatives: the Cyber FoundationsTM hard and soft skills approach. We have learned that what has been missing in cybersecurity strategies are the intelligence skills that allow for thinking beyond just locking down firewalls.

   Skillfully Identifying Breach Origins

Our participants learn that many security incidents are due to human error rather than insufficient technology, and how to deftly spot and handle these situations. We also consider relationships across broader information sources and strive to put new data quickly into its proper context.


Our Team: A Blend of Expertise

Our Consortium's network of experts is comprised of leaders from the defense, intelligence,
special operations and academic communities.

Cyber Studies Consortium Network of Experts

Our intelligence specialists include internationally recognized cyberterrorism and terrorism experts as well as former senior military and intelligence officers whose deep experience includes working with the White House and Congress on Homeland Security matters.

Our computer professionals include individuals with Ph.D. level expertise in:

  • systems architecture
  • networking and network protocols
  • applied fuzzy logic and computational intelligence
  • decision-making in uncertain environments
  • software testing and productivity
  • data mining
  • robotics and intelligent autonomous systems
  • artificial intelligence and knowledge engineering
  • database and knowledge management
  • pattern recognition

Our subject matter professionals also include those with expertise in human behavior, risk assessment and management, and since we often teach the teachers, we count among our career educators one of the Top 25 Professors in the United States listed by, and those versed in online education techniques.

Individual bios of our contributing experts and professionals are made available on a per project basis, for example when we source specific experts to develop a particular training strategy or enhance curriculum.


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