Conference Center

How to Login

Joining an online Conference is simple:

  • locate our Conference Center login form in the sidebar
  • select the room you've been invited to join
  • type in your first and last name
  • type in the password provided in your invitation  [case sensitive]
  • click on the 'Join' button and wait while you're being redirected

How to use the Conference Rooms - Overview

We are using BigBlueButton (BBB) software for our Cyber Studies Consortium and National Cyber Partnership private online Conferences. It allows us to group participants into 2 distinct "user types" each with a unique set of permissions.

2 User Types:

  • Presenter/Moderator - used for Conference Presenters (conference and room administrator)
  • Viewer - used for Conference Viewers (attendees and guests)

In your Conference invitation you'll have been requested to join either as a PRESENTER  or as a VIEWER and provided a password accordingly.

BBB Video Overview:

For an overview on how to use the Conference room's features either as a Presenter or as a Viewer, please take a moment to watch the brief BBB video that relates to your user type:


Please watch the
BBB Moderator/Presenter Overview (0.9.0)

(7 minutes)

Watch Video


Please watch the
BBB Viewer Overview (0.9.0)

(3 minutes)

Watch Video


Of course if you have any questions feel free to Contact Us.