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A not-for-profit alliance creating and providing cybersecurity resources

We supply Consortium participants with intelligence-based, customizable training and education developed by our national network of contributing experts who are current practitioners or operators in the field.

Two-pronged approach

All of our initiatives are based on our proprietary Cyber FoundationsTM approach, a two-pronged strategy that includes the 'hard' nuts and bolts of network operations as well as the 'soft' skills that help combat human error.

Hit the ground running

Our experts work extensively with employers, government agencies and educational institutions to help ensure that our on-the-job trainees and academic students always hit the cyber ground running.

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Our Offerings

Custom built information security solutions for Consortium participants.



Universities, Colleges & Educational Institutions

From elementary school through the university graduate level, we help create new courses or enrich existing information security curriculum with constantly updated, real-world fieldcraft and intelligence.

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Government, Private Industry & Organizations

We develop and deliver training strategies tailored to your needs that help management and staff detect and ward off cyber attacks before criminals, terrorists, and unfriendly foreign actors can wreak havoc.

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Intelligence Training and Evaluation Workshop Program

This unique program prepares screened candidates for cyber-intelligence related jobs, and provides an evaluation platform for prospective employers.

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What sets us apart...

The Cyber FoundationsTM Approach

Human error = 90% breaches

While most cyber training and education focuses on hard skills, both IBM and Verizon studies show that merely 6-7% of cybersecurity breaches were through attacks on hardware or networks, with most breaches—an astounding 90%—resulting from people-centered error.

Hard skills + soft skills

Cyber Foundations covers 'hard' skills such as computer hardware and systems and applications software, but what truly distinguishes our approach is incorporating the 'soft' skills that consider human behavior.

We've got people covered

From teaching IT 'geeks' how to communicate with corporate staff to providing students with a solid understanding of what makes a cyberterrorist tick, we've got people covered.

Collaborating with a broad range of organizations

View all our Strategic Relationships
View all our Strategic Relationships
View all our Strategic Relationships


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